Frequently Asked Questions

About reservations

AYou can make reservations at the official website of the Nanki Shirahama Kazumi-no-Yu Kachofugetsu
Reservations made from the official website offer the best price.

AOne child per bed is allowed.
Children up to preschool (elementary school students are not allowed).
There is no charge for small children, but no extra bedding such as pillows can be furnished.

AUnfortunately there is no cancellation waiting list.
We will advise you on the availability by phone, so please feel free to contact us.

ACancellation is free of charge up to 3 days prior to arrival in accordance with the hotel's policy.
Cancellation on the day of arrival will be 100% of the room rate.
Cancellations for groups of 5 or more are handled differently. Please call for information.

AThe fluctuating daily rate change system is based on availability and other factors.
Please note that the rates are subject to change depending on the availability at the time of your inquiry.

About the front desk

ADinner time is fixed. You should check in from 15:00 to 19:00.
If you are going to be late, please contact us.
If you fail to contact us, your reservation may be canceled. Please take note.

AYes, you can.
Please call 0739-43-0010 prior to your scheduled stay.
We will prepare the invoice and mail it to your preferred address.
It is also possible not to reveal the price of their stay to guests.

APlease pay with cash or credit card.
Payment before check-in is required.

AThe hotel deals with Yamato Transport service.
An invoice (prepaid or COD) is available at the reception desk.

AYou can leave baggage at the reception desk before or after you check in.

ACheck-in time starts at 15:00.
Please note that rooms cannot be accessed prior to 15:00 due to the cleaning of your room.
You can leave baggage at the reception desk before or after you check in free of charge.

The hotel will be locked at 10pm to ensure your stay is safe and secure.
However, there is staff on duty and you may call on the intercom on the side of the entrance and they will let you in.


AYes, you can. There is a refrigerator in the room.

Inn facilities

AYes, we do.
No special reservation or application is required, we do not guarantee full support. Please take note.

ANo, there isn’t.
The inn is not equipped with public bath. Please make use of the private facilities.

AYes, there are. There is a soft drink vending machine on the second floor in the elevator hall.

AThere is a free parking lot on the premises with at least enough space to handle one vehicle per room.


ANo, there aren’t.
There are no convenience stores within walking distance.
There is a Lawson about 5 minutes drive and a Family Mary about a 10 minutes drive from the inn.

AWe can keep your baggage at the front desk.
Please write your name on the baggage voucher.
Please make sure you ship your baggage so it reaches us in time.
We can also arrange to have your baggage picked up and shipped to us.

AUnfortunately not.
Only guests are allowed in the rooms.
You are however permitted to meet in the lounge.